Rust Guides

There are many systems within the game Rust that you might not be familiar with yet. We have already done the research ourselves on many of these topics, so we have put together these Rust Help Guides to help players learn to play Rust and admin how to administer Rust servers.

This section is for all things Rust Help related with guides on how to run specific commands in your console, to Rust server commands for both vanilla and Oxide modded servers, and how to manage your Rust keybindings.

Rust Player Guides

Rust has a console that allows players to run various commands and set specific settings for certain client variables. These variables allow you to enable and configure settings of your game like enabling your FPS counter or binding new keys. Check out these Rust player guides we have put together to help you not be such a n00b.

Rust Console Commands - Client Variables and other client related Rust Console commands that players can run in their Rust game console (Press F1).

Rust Crafting Components - The new component system opens up all blueprints for crafting, but many items require special components. See what they are here.

Rust Keybinds Guide - The No Nonsense Rust Keybinds guide is an easy and proven way to change and add new binds to your Rust gaming experience.

Rust Oxide Commands - Commands that Rust players can run to change settings in Oxide plugins that they have permissions to on Rustocalpyse and other Rust servers.

Rust Admin Guides

Rust Admins can also use the console to run Rcon commands for a server. Admins have access to additional commands when running the Oxide plugin depending on the Oxide plugins they have installed. Check out these Rust server admin guides we have put together to help you run your vanilla or Oxide enabled Rust server.

Rust Server Commands - Console and Rcon commands that server owners, admins, and moderators can run to manage their Rust server.

Rust Admin Tools

RustAdmin - RustAdmin is a Rust server administration tool that uses WebRcon to connect to your Rust server and control it remotely. RustAdmin also provides a great service called RustAdminDB, which is extremely useful for Rust server administrators to get additional information on problem players.

Rust Map Random Seed Generator Tool - We got sick of searching for a tool each month to do this, so we coded our own. It's nothing fancy, but does the job.

Rust Player Tools

Rust Tools - A Rust crafting calculator. Figure out how many resources it will take to craft items in the game. is powered by Grav and a Ninja