Rust Oxide Commands

Rustocalypse runs a plugin suite called Oxide, which adds a great deal of functionality and customization to our server. Some plugins that we run allow for players to run slash commands in their chat window such as /kit, /sethome, and /home. There are so many Oxide commands available on our server at this point that we decided to make this page as a helpful reference for players on our server and elsewhere.


The Kits plugin allows us to provide some basic survival kits to our players. Some are reusable per wipe and others are not.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a basic survival kit that is currently available infinitely on each wipe. There is a cooldown for this kit.

/kit starter

Starter Base Kit

The Starter Base Kit is a one-time use kit per server wipe that helps players get their frist base setup quickly.

/kit starterbase is powered by Grav and a Ninja